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Learn from the Experts

Our Training & Consulting Approach

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When you need effective computer training and consultation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Play-On-Words is your best choice. As with our troubleshooting and computer networking advice, you can rely on us to listen openly to you, to work hard, and to address all of your needs.

Giving You the Tools You Need
Our training gives you the knowledge and confidence to use your computer system effectively. For instance, when teaching you how to use Microsoft® Office, we teach you the functionality and purpose of each of the applications so you don’t buy additional software that you don’t need. You come out of our sessions knowing how to use your software properly and with an understanding of how the different applications communicate with one another. Training, whether one-on-one or in a group setting, is customized to fit your specific needs.

Providing Effective Solutions
As you develop your personal computing skills or as your business, staff, and marketing goals expand, so too will your computer and IT needs. Play-On-Words technicians will help make you aware of how your existing systems can help you accomplish your goals. We work with you to recommend effective growth solutions based on both your personal and business needs. If we think you need new hardware and software, we explain why and guide you through the process.

Remote Support

A prime goal of Play-On-Words is to respond quickly to your needs. Often the quickest response is a remote one. We use multiple tools to help us assist you when you need it. The art of conversation, of knowing how to talk to you about what you're seeing and advise you on how to proceed, is also not lost on us.

We were Human once... before we became Geeks.



For computer system hands-on learning and consultation, contact us at (866) 712-8038, and let’s arrange a time for us to meet.