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The Power of Computer Consulting & Troubleshooting

Offering: Onsite Computer Repair & Troubleshooting Service, Computer System Networking & One-On-One Computer Training Services.
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The Creation of a Company


Meet Terri Stone

The Play-On-Words name was originally introduced by Ms Stone over 20 years ago in Summerville, SC. As a word processing company, the goal then was to create documents, reports, and presentations (including fliers, marketing materials, and calendars) that got the message across without tripping over those design elements that often detract from the message (misspellings and hard to read lettering for example). Coming from many years of experience as a legal secretary, a word processing secretary, and a general temporary office worker in New York City, the creation of such a company was a natural next step. Ms Stone spent 3 years in South Carolina before deciding that it was time to expand her knowledge and move into other areas of the computer industry.

Now, almost 2 decades later, after working in multiple capacities in the computer industry…

  1. Working as a Internet Helpdesk Specialist for both Analog (dial-up) and DSL (high-speed) Internet connectivity for;
  2. Receiving an CompTIA A+ Technician certification;
  3. Working as a Network Operations Specialist and Subject Matter Expert (creating High Speed Data connections) for Sprint;
  4. Receiving 3 Sprint Service Awards from Sprint;
  5. Providing One-on-One Training wherever warranted; and
  6. Serving as a Senior Computer Repair Technician and Office Manager for a well known local 24-hour on-site on-call computer repair company in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area

…Play-On-Words resurfaces, again with Ms Stone in control.

This time, the major focus is twofold:

  1. Keeping you informed about how to best utilize and enjoy your system; and
  2. Keeping your system healthy enough to perform well for you.

Since late 2004, Ms Stone has serviced residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware areas. Not to be outdone by the constraints of distance, she has provided remote assistance to people as far north as New York City and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia. She welcomes the opportunity to partner with you and help you achieve your goals as they relate to your computer or computer networks.


For computer system hands-on learning and consultation, contact us at (866) 712-8038, and let’s arrange a time for us to meet.