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Offering: Onsite Computer Repair & Troubleshooting Service, Computer System Networking & One-On-One Computer Training Services.
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Troubleshooting & Internet Connection

We Have The Power to Support You

Tech Support, On-Site Troubleshooting,  Providing: On-Site Computer Repair & Troubleshooting Service, Computer System Networking & One-On-One Computer Training Services | Philadelphia, PA.

For professional on-site troubleshooting and repair of your computer system and network in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Play-On-Words will help you. We also assist you in safely surfing the Internet. Our main goal as computer consultants is to address your needs and empower your ability to use computers and navigate the Internet. If you and your employees need some computer-related training, let us know. We care about providing world-class service and will be happy to help you upgrade your skills.

Troubleshooting Your System
When you need timely assistance with your computer system, why haul all of your hardware and software to a remote shop? At Play-On-Words, we come directly to you to fix your computer issue. Once we uncover the root cause through troubleshooting, we do the necessary repairs and update of your hardware and software. Rather than just recommending new, expensive fixes, we give you all the options so you can make informed decisions.

Connecting You Online
The world has truly become a single highly interconnected communication medium because of the Internet. We help you choose the best Internet product in your area for your online needs. In addition, we ensure you know how to surf safely. You can count on us to recommend and install anti-virus and anti-malware software so you don’t become victim to the bad world of identity theft and compromised security while you are online.

Assembling Your Network
Are you setting up a computer network in your home or workplace where family members or multiple users will be sharing the same resources, such as a printer? If you want to connect multiple computers / workstations so that they use common resources like shared folders or server space, we don’t just recommend that you buy more machines unnecessarily. Rather, we work with you to design a cost-effective network to meet your unique needs.

For practical advice involving your computers, your network or connecting to the Internet, contact us at (866) 712-8038.